Getting Started

I am amazed with my year so far. I just need to talk about the power of mind set and how my life purpose has gone from missing to right in front of me. I tell this story in hopes that you read this and can be inspired to do the same.

Leading up to New Years I made this plan with my husband to spend our New Years Eve drawing vision boards for our future. Besides the hilarity that ensued while making them, we really stopped to talk about what the next 5 years would like if our dreams came true. I was able to realize that night that my current situation was not a fit anymore.

So I joined a program about creating dreams and setting small attainable goals. Constantly moving towards your life purpose. But I had not every figured out what that was. I went to my husband and started spewing out job title after job title and he would shut them down, because well he knows me, and knew they wouldn’t make me happy.

He then asked me, so what are your hobbies, what do you do for fun. Don’t laugh at me, I have two small kids so its not a lot, but what I had been doing in my spare time for quite awhile now, was learning about leadership and communication. When I learn a new skill or idea around leadership and mind set, I get really excited to share with my team and help them be better leaders too!

He looked at me and said flatly “You want to be Mel Robbins” a lady who just happens to currently be one of my guru’s whom I greatly respect. His statement elicited a very loud “yes” from me. Followed by not exactly, as I am me and not Mel Robbins, but her career of choice which started as a coach and now is at Guru status, really intrigues me. Like intrigues me so much that I can actually see myself on stage inspiring other people to do what I am doing in their own life purpose.

I can’t tell you how many years I have thought to myself or said quietly in confidence to someone, that being a life coach would be a dream. I never did anything about that thought because I didn’t believe in myself.

Now years later, thanks to Mel Robbins and Rachel Hollis, my husband, and myself for doing all the work to get here, I finally learned how to believe in me and lead myself down this exciting path to a fulfilling career where I get to help people live happier more fulfilling lives.

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Fertility and Mindset Coach

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