The Things I am Learning

Have you ever put yourself out there in a drastically different way and began to change rapidly in a very profound way? I have or I am. I always thought of myself as a positive person that saw the world through rose coloured glasses, and in relation to other people that I know, I was. Yet somehow, I am reaching this whole new level of happy.

One of the lessons I am learning now is about friendship and how to do that better. I don’t think I was able to accept the level of love that my friends offered me. I struggled with a lot of limiting beliefs and turns out my biggest one is around likability. I honestly struggled with believing truly that my friends liked me. I had the words obligation in my thought process around my friendships, how messed up is that? How can people be obligated to be my friend? Yet that is how my mind was rationalizing my friendships. This is a limiting belief I didn’t even know existed in my mind. Learning to change those thoughts into something positive is changing my life and I only hope it will make me a better more present friend.

I am learning to believe in myself in a way I never have. If you watched my video on limiting beliefs you will have some idea of what I am about to talk about. What it comes down to is although you can say that I am a successful person with strong relationships and genuinely a good life. I still have held myself back. I am realizing that I have talked myself out of opportunities and chances to make big things happen over and over again in my life. I have done that by masking a lack of confidence behind easy excuses to avoid taking a change on myself. Over and over again I took the “what if I fail” fear and turned it into “I dont want to lose a good job over this” or “The timing isn’t right”

Number 1 – that’s all o.k, I am happy with my life now, its a good one.

Number 2 – I am ready to fly so the timing of all things is perfect as usual.

What does believing in myself look like? For me it looks like this willingness to show up every day and do the work. The willingness to put myself out into the world over and over again on social media in the hopes that people grab on to what I am saying and join the movement I am starting. It means I am learning to treat my body better, to have balance. I have never worked harder but have felt less stress in my entire life! It also shows up as this passion and energy that I didn’t have for a long time in my life.

I know that I am not yet where I am going, but through the power of mindset and deliberate and intentional actions I am learning and expanding faster then I believed possible and I am so excited to see where I am even one month from now!

What am I learning? That I am I pretty incredible and highly capable of making my dreams come true. I am learning that I can find the time to put in the work and that I can show up for myself day after day and not give up. I didn’t know these things two months ago, I would have said the amount of effort I am finding the time to exert was an impossibility but here I am, making it all happen. And you can too!

Published by Amy Brooke Coaching

Fertility and Mindset Coach

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