Finding your Dream Job

Are you looking for a career that can you bring you a life of abundance. A life that is full of joy and enthusiasm for everything you do, not just the weekend. The reality for most people is that you need to have a career to make money, there is no rule though, stating it can’t be fun and enjoyable too!

By the end of this article you will have the skills to not only figure out what you want to do with your life, but who you want to work for, and how to get an interview for your dream job.

I have been a successful leader in my industry for a long time, I have been in charge of hiring and leading staff at all levels, and I know what it takes for you to get noticed and hired in your dream job.

I have a really exciting series of articles starting with this one on finding your dream job, getting your dream job and excelling in your dream job.  All in the interest of creating abundance in your life.

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Now let’s dive right in to the 5 things you can do to find that dream job and land an interview

Step 1 – Figure out exactly what it is you want to do

Get real with yourself. You need to sit in the quiet and come to an honest decision about the place you are currently in. Do you go to work happily in the morning and come home with a sense of accomplishment. Do you feel fulfilled? Or is it a safe job that pays the bills? Most of us naturally default to a place of safety and comfort, and I am here to tell you to stop it and believe in your self, do what makes you happy!

I talk about this because if you are looking for a job that brings abundance to your life, it needs to feel good! If your current job makes you feel stuck or brings negative emotions into your reality frequently, you will struggle to get into the feeling of gratitude and abundance.

If where you are now feels right, truly right, then you don’t need this article, wait for the next third article which is all about keeping and excelling in your career. If you are a hiring manager though, this one and article 2 will be very helpful to you as you make hiring decisions.

If your answer is “this isn’t the place for you to achieve abundance”, start with finding gratitude for what it does bring to you, which is a paycheck and opportunity to learn. This is so important. The energy you are putting into the world matters right here, right now. If you allow your current circumstance to keep you in a negative mindset none of the rest of this article is going to work for you.

So you want to do something different. You may already know what that is. You might not. If you are still in a place of discovery i urge you to start with looking towards what you do to find joy in life. What are the things you are excited about? What could you talk about for hours? This is where you are going to find alignment and abundance, so you need to take those things and figure out a career that aligns with your passions. Wherever you start in this new career, know that because you are in alignment and you will have the skills I am teaching in this article series, abundance will come. 

Step 2 – Manifest your dream job.  

If you already have that dream job lined up immediately after figuring it out! Congrats you and the universe are clearly already best buddies. For the rest of us, you will need to start manifesting this job coming into our lives. There are some super simple daily practices you can do to make this happen. I recommend having a daily mantra you say to yourself when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Something like “ I am grateful I have found my dream job and because of that abundance is part of my life. I am grateful for the jobs I had before, for keeping me fed and learning skills so that I can be successful now. “ Scripting is one of my favourite forms of manifesting, each morning I start the day with “journaling a day in the life of my dream life”. You can do the same by specifically writing about a day in the life of your dream job. Get detailed, from the outfit you will wear to work to who you eat lunch with and how the job makes you feel at the end of day. 

You tell the universe exactly what you are hoping to find be clear and it will appear. Unless its a job where you eat ice cream all day while watching Friends reruns, I have yet to figure out how to be paid for that.

Step 3 – Find a company you want to work for.

 If it’s a company, if you want to work for yourself you will still find these articles helpful in manifesting amazing employees!

You found the job, now you have to find the where. This is important, 2 companies may have the same job available within their organization, but how they manage the company may be entirely different. I mention this because I want to make sure you don’t jump ship on your current situation for the next available ship. It needs to be for the right ship. The one that feels right. If you are desperate you are not entering this new arrangement with the right energy. And entering into this new adventure must be done with the right energy in order to achieve abundance. 

You will know exactly when it’s right!

Step 4- Writing your Resume and Cover Letter

I am not going to tell you how to write a cover letter and resume. There are plenty of people out there that are already doing that. What I do want to tell you is some insider tips. You have already taken the time to figure out why this is the job for you and why this is the company for you. You now need to make sure that whomever’s hands this letter and resume ends up in can immediately feel your energy and excitement for the opportunity. You need to communicate in your cover letter about what the company brings to you in terms of their ethics or success’s, essentially stating why you chose them. Show them you have done your homework so they know you mean business. And the most important part. Sell yourself. Show them in one or two paragraphs what you can bring to the team and what it would be like to work with you. When you make your positivity and energy jump out of the page, they won’t be able to wait to meet you!.

Step 5 – Go get that interview!

Whether there is a job posting on the company website or not, you need to get face to face with the person who hires for the position you want to have when ever possible. Key point here- you are going to pick a day where you have the time to put energy into doing this next part well. This is a mini interview set up by you, where first impressions go a long way. You will get ready for this event by focusing on looking professional and approachable.

While you are getting ready you are going to visualize how you are going to present yourself to the hiring manager. Picture your posture, your handshake, your smile, feel the positive energy you are radiating off of you as you approach this person.  You need to set your mind up for success.

When you get to the place of business you are going to take time in your car or outside and set your intentions on the meeting. Something like. “ I am grateful I was able to meet with the hiring manager today, I am so proud of how I handled myself when we met. I was exactly the person I needed to be. I am so excited for the interview I have coming up.” Repeat to yourself until your energy lines up with the statement and walk into the building. Shoulders up and full of confidence. Ask to see the hiring manager, smile, shake their hand, and show them exactly why they need you to work there.

When you have done all the work to set yourself up for this meeting you have all the fire power you will need to show up and make them want to interview you. You positive outlook and desire to be successful will be unmistakable.

The rest is history

Now you know what you want to do, who you want to work for and how to get your foot in the door. Stay tuned for the next article on how to rock the interview process and get hired! 

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Fertility and Mindset Coach

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