How To Interview Like a Boss

How to Win In A Job Interview

You can get any job you interview for when you take what you learn here and are able to walk into the hiring manager’s office with purpose and passion.

I have been lucky enough to interview hundreds of people in my career. I know exactly what it takes to get you hired at your dream job. 

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You have landed on the second blog in our Finding Career Abundance Series. This blog will walk you through the interview process with our 5 insider tips and tricks to interview success. 

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If you haven’t read the first article you will want to go back and read it now, as you will need the info from the first article to be successful through the interview process.  

This video is not a how to answer every interview question type of video, this video is about the energy you put out into the interview that will lead to you getting hired.  It’s about the energy you put into this process that dictates the results. I do suggest that you go ahead and research interview questions and how to answer them when you are done here, knowledge is power. But I need you to stay with me right now because what I have to teach you is more important than the answers you give. 

So let’s get into it.

Here is what a hiring manager is looking for when interviewing, keeping in mind your resume and qualifications have already been reviewed and are at the level needed to qualify for you the job. 

The number one thing a hiring manager is looking for is a willingness and desire to grow. When you follow these tips and execute them in the interview, the hiring manager will know you are both willing and wanting to grow!

#1.Be prepared

You need to put in the back work before an interview. We talked about learning all about the company before you even decided you want to work for them, we had you manifest how you fit into the company and write it into your cover letter, which means when it comes to knowledge of the company you know it all.

What I need you to do, is as soon as you know you have an interview, you need to make sure you are continuing manifesting and scripting its success your success. You will also need to do some research on interview questions that are common and have someone ask you the questions and and you can practice answering them.  No athlete ever enters the arena without practice. This is practice. You need to be able to walk into the interview with confidence and trust in yourself to produce epic answers. 

You need to make sure you take the time to look your best.  Dress business casual at the minimum. The higher level the job, the more business you get.  Pretend you are going on a date, same level of effort is needed here. This is a kind of date,after all you are just two people getting to know each other and deciding if they want to commit.

Bring at the very least a note book and pen, as well as extra copies of your resume. 

And if you’re really hoping to impress them,which I know you are. Have a list of smart questions about the job, salary, company culture, benefits or whatever else is important to you written down.  You might even want to have a specific spot where you have written down important company information like years in business, names of the owners or CEO’s, anything that might come in handy if quizzed on your knowledge.  

#2- Show up 10 minutes early.  

Exactly 10 minutes, it is the amount of time that says I respect your schedule, but I also want you to know I am punctual.  I recommend that you are outside the building at least 10 minutes before that. Now’s the time for power poses and for setting your intentions for the meeting by repeating something like. “I am so proud of myself for showing up confidently and passionately. The interview was full of moments of connection.  I am so grateful for the job offer I will receive as a result of my awesomeness!”.over and over again until you are full of positive energy

And when I said SHOW UP , I mean SHOW UP, walk into the business with energy and purpose.  The interview starts as soon as you walk in the door, you are being watched for everything from body language to how you interact with those around you. Treat every person you encounter while you are waiting for the interview as if they are the boss. Be chatty and kind to everyone you see. Period. 

3. Create Rapport

Rapport is defined as – A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

This is the goal of any meaningful interaction between humans. Rapport establishes easy communication quickly, and results in a feeling of trust and acceptance from both parties. 

This starts with the handshake and smile,  matching your handshake intensity with theirs, to mirroring your tone and body language. Avoid closed off body positions while mimicking the interviewer. Match the tone of the interviewer when starting the interview.  Get personal and show empathy. Not too personal, but simply asking how their week or day has been. Look for a conversation starter in their office that you can relate too. Ask a follow up question to the response to show empathy and genuine interest in the interviewer. You will know you have reached rapport when the conversation starts to flow.

 You are now in the zone so enjoy it!

#4. Above all else, be positive

If you haven’t figured it out yet, positivity is always the way through anything. I know from interviewing, one of the things I always do is making a conscious effort to find the crazy in everyone.  We all have it, I just want to know how it would show up in the work place. A hiring manager also needs to see your ability to own your life and how its played out. This should be easy for you, if you have watched my videos you know that you are the artist of your life, and how you show up in your life dictates the results you get. I shouldn’t have to say this but I will just to make sure you understand this, past successes and failures are yours, and only yours. They are not your ex bosses, your parents, your coach, or your teachers.  It doesn’t matter how the people around you live their life, you choose how you want to show up. No one else. 

So own it, all of it, the good, the bad, and be positive about the process, you learned and you grew as a person, you are here after all!

5. Don’t let them forget you

So you walked out of the room leaving everyone feeling good, you said thank you and made sure to have their contact info. You absolutely must send a personalized thank you to the hiring manager letting them know how exciting you find the opportunity and a quick line about where you see yourself in the company.  Offer a genuine compliment from something you observed during the interview, it could be the polite receptionist or a comment on an interesting interview question you were asked. Something to let them know you were engaged in the process. This should be a quick email to keep you top of mind at the end of a long day of interviewing. 

It’s time now for another intention setting session, its time to thank the universe for the opportunity you had today. Be proud of yourself for how you conducted yourself in the process.  I will let you come up with this one.  

You may have to repeat the process again, lots of companies do more than one interview.  This should be easy, you have already done the hard work. You just need to maintain focus and continue your manifesting, scripting, and intention setting each day.  

With the winning attitude you brought to the table, you and the universe being on your side, you will get that job.  I am so excited for you!! Welcome to abundance!! 

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