How To : IVF In Prague

Pre Cycle Planning

Having jumped in with both feet and made it work, I am now sharing with anyone who needs support how we made it happen. 

When we first thought about the idea of going to Prague for IVF, it was scary and unknown, when we realized Prague was our best option for our Male Factor Infertility within our budget, we made it work, and we did so happily. I had been waiting my whole life to go to Europe and it was finally happening. I had also waited what felt was my whole life to be a mom, and that was finally happening too.

If it’s your first time doing IVF and heading to Prague, I would suggest that you have someone who has been through it to guide you through it as the process in itself is new, and then adding a forgein location to the mix is a lot to navigate alone. If you are a first timer I would highly suggest you head my advice and be in Prague within the first couple days of your cycle start. 

This first article is about the things to think about and get in place first. The travel plans and other things can wait until you have taken care of these first 5 things. 

  1. Get your body ready for IVF, not just yours but you spouses, you are going through all of this to make your dreams come true, let’s do everything we can to make sure you and your spouse are as healthy as possible. You need 3 months to work on your egg and sperm health, a detox is always a great idea and then feeding your body the right food to balance your hormones and decrease systemic stress from inflammation. The longer you can do this before you go the higher the impact will be on your success. 
  2. Find a clinic, there are a ton of clinics in the Czech Republic and many that specialize in different aspects of infertility. We were looking for clinics with newer technologies for sperm selection due to male factors, others are looking for donor services. With the right support you can find the right clinic for you.
  3. Decide on travel timing. I always recommend going as early as your life allows, it takes away from some of the stress of organizing any remote monitoring that needs to happen as your progress through the cycle. 
  4. Find a local Doctor to write your requisitions and prescriptions as needed. I saw my family doctor a lot in the time leading up to the cycle and while I was still here.  Your family doctor will likely be very happy to help you with this as they have been with you through this journey. A side not on Doctors, you will also need to make sure you get a copy of your file from any previous IVF clinics you have worked with. The clinics in Prague will want as much info as possible and will stop you from having to have duplicate testing. 
  5. Decide where you want to source your drugs. I got mine online, which worked for me, but some people say their packages are turned back at the border. Another option is Costco, you will have to call in  your prescription but they can save you a ton of money vs most IVF clinics. 
  6. Start researching Prague as a vacation spot. I recommend Honest Prague on youtube. We watched his videos like crazy. He brings you through travel tips and great eats, as well as must sees for your trip.  

Get excited, you’re going to Prague, and you’re going to get another great shot at becoming a Mommy! This is a time to be excited and be full of hope.  Take care of your body and your mind! You deserve this!

Published by Amy Brooke Coaching

Fertility and Mindset Coach

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