About Me

Amy Brooke Hume

Holistic Fertility Mindset Coach

Oh, this is a hard one to write, its like answering the question in a job interview, oh wait I guess that what this is. If I am being honest, I still struggle with this answer because I am still figuring it out , but here’s what I have figured out so far.

I am a mom of twin toddlers from Invitro Fertilization. I am happily married to a handsome and kind man who believes in me and makes me better. I am a leadership and mindset junkie who visualizes success daily. My IVF journey was hard, but whose isn’t?

I am so lucky to be able to say that those years spent desperately researching and trying to find the cure to our infertility would serve me in the future as I bridge the gap between mind and body as a Holistic Fertility Coach. Empowering the strength of your mindset and the healing power of food, I work with Clients to Find Their Fertility

I have taken a leap of faith into the coaching world. It is a move that has pulled at me quietly for years, and this year, through the power of mindset and opening myself up to listen, the voice inside me hollered as loud as she could and said “Its time! Your ready! Go make your dreams come true!”

So what are those things in my life that make me qualified to help you do the same? It truly comes down to this, life has been hard and I have dug down deep and got back up over and over again.

I am going to run through the hard things in rapid fire as this isn’t the platform for sadness. My dad left when I was a baby, I don’t know him. My step father was all kinds of abusive. My mother has had depression my whole life. I had a baby at 16 I gave up for adoption. I went through 5 years of self abuse and hate. I weighed nearly 300lbs(I don’t any more 🙂 ) And then of course the 4 years of infertility where I learned how to go from unworthy to worthy, and navigate out of the dark back into the light. Oh, and then there is my stepfather who essentially committed suicide in the middle of it all… And all the other things that are tied up in all of the “big” things.

After all of that I am a positive and motivated person, essentially I mastered the art of overcoming.

I bring a unique and uplifting perspective to most things and get really excited about helping people on their journey to being Mommy, when I get to use all that I have learned to help them out of desperation and back into hope !

Come find me in my Facebook Group – Finding Fertility to get to know me better. I would love to get to know you and offer whatever level of support you are looking for on your journey.


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