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Believing In Conceiving Workshop

November 9- 13, 2020

This is a lifestyle and mindset program. You will learn about ways to heal your body with food and to master your fertility mindset to let go of the horrible things we say to ourselves on this journey. There are limits to this type of program, as we know there are some fertility paths that can only be solved with modern medicine, but those outcomes will be greatly increased through the practices learned here. A healthy body and mind is the best path for all of us.

I am not a doctor, but that is a good thing. I get to spend my time learning about the power of the mind and body and how when we get them working together, they can do anything. That being said, please consult your doctor before making changes to diet and supplements. I am one of your resources on this journey and no two bodies or people are the same. If they were, none of us would be here, this infertility shit wouldn’t exist.

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