TTC and Fertility Supplements Everyone Needs To Know About

Here is my list of overlooked essential nutrients for fertility, the benefits of these ones are undeniable and incredible. In some cases ensuring you have an optimal intake of these nutrients will result in a 46% better chance of getting pregnant each cycle. Yes… 46%! That’s incredible! Keep in mind I am not a Dr.Continue reading “TTC and Fertility Supplements Everyone Needs To Know About”

The Dark Side Of My Mom Brain

 Today was a work day, and a couple days a week Nanna takes the kids so I can attend some work meetings and get things done. I look at the clock and realize they should have been home 30 minutes ago and immediately the next thought I have is that something bad happened to them,Continue reading “The Dark Side Of My Mom Brain”

Allowing Success or Allowing Failure?

I had this great conversation with a friend today. We ended up talking about a million things and one of the themes we often talk about is mindset and how we are learning to adjust our thought patterns. When I get off the phone with this friend, I am left always with this feeling ofContinue reading “Allowing Success or Allowing Failure?”

The Power In Contrast

**Contrast is the word for any feelings or experience’s you might want to categorize as negative. When working with Mindset all feelings and experience’s have purpose in our lives and should not be explained as negative. They are part’s of life that are in contrast to the ideal. They are in contrast with bliss andContinue reading “The Power In Contrast”