IVF In Prague: Part 2

Here is the second part of the IVF in Prague series. I am seriously considering doing a what was different and what was hilariously or shockingly different. We have some funny stories from our IVF journey in Prague. Enjoy the video

How To : IVF In Prague

Pre Cycle Planning Having jumped in with both feet and made it work, I am now sharing with anyone who needs support how we made it happen.  When we first thought about the idea of going to Prague for IVF, it was scary and unknown, when we realized Prague was our best option for ourContinue reading “How To : IVF In Prague”

We Went To Prague To Make Our Babies

My latest Youtube video is a very much abbreviated version of our trip to Prague to have IVF. There was so much more to this trip then I could put in one video from the nurses very short outfits to the creepy Bridgit Statue at the Prague Castle. This was a trip to remember andContinue reading “We Went To Prague To Make Our Babies”