Allowing Success or Allowing Failure?

I had this great conversation with a friend today. We ended up talking about a million things and one of the themes we often talk about is mindset and how we are learning to adjust our thought patterns. When I get off the phone with this friend, I am left always with this feeling ofContinue reading “Allowing Success or Allowing Failure?”

I Don’t Deserve This

Sabotage… or fear… maybe both. I got my life coaching certificate and I have said or done nothing with it.  I haven’t even opened up the envelope. This should be a celebration as it was this goal I had and I achieved it. It was this barrier I put in place of me being thisContinue reading “I Don’t Deserve This”

The Things I am Learning

Have you ever put yourself out there in a drastically different way and began to change rapidly in a very profound way? I have or I am. I always thought of myself as a positive person that saw the world through rose coloured glasses, and in relation to other people that I know, I was.Continue reading “The Things I am Learning”